Thursday, October 16, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

Every Notion of Your Heart

You can’t let love fly by but neither can you catch it in your hand. 

It’s not a song you can sing or a melody to hum. 

It’s not a chick flick on the screen or a favorite “thing” you love.

It’s deeper, more tender, more furious this love.

It’s jealous, more safe, more dangerous this love.

This love is embraced. 

Felt at every angle.

Experienced at every inch. 

Highly intoxicating from the fumes in which it gives.

A love always piercing, every area in which you live. 

We’re surrendered to the thought, to this underlying emotion,

That there’s more to give, at the breath of every notion.

How wild the thought.  How crazy this love.  

A deep satisfying emotion which conquers your devotion.

A love far greater than a mood, found only in a person.

A love with no framework, and no reference of its borders.

The perfect peg of our heart, an exact to fit to our form.

With no system, no program, or rules to follow,

Only a man named Love in whom we call Father.

We wait, we invite, we open our eyes.

To see His love which He reveals inside.  

Monday, August 25, 2014

August of NEW Beginnings

There are new beginnings happening all around us.  God is bringing new opportunities into our path and giving us surprises into the NEW thing is He about to do!

Get ready!  Here's a short poem – declaring the new season!

It’s a time of new beginnings, of choices and of chance. 
A time for love to blossom, for hope to rise and dance.

For the song in your heart, to finally find its voice.
No longer being plagued by the always-nagging choice. 

Where the bitter patter rain won’t silence your sound. 
And the rumble of thunder won’t keep you confound. 

A time of fresh anointing awaits at your door. 
A time of new beginnings is all that’s in store. 

So grab it and hold it and embrace all of it. 
Because you’re about to find the perfect, perfect fit!